Cluck U(niversity)

Cluck U, the comedy business coaching arm of Mother Cluckers Comedy, brings the power of comedy and storytelling to entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking to hone your public speaking skills, make positive and meaningful connections with clients or co-workers, or just bring more joy to your workday, comedic storytelling training is beneficial to any business owner.

Human connection is an essential part of how we live our lives. Whether you’re trying to make personal connections to build dynamic relationships at work or wishing to branch out within your community, it can be tough to get outside your comfort zone. An exciting (and fun!) way to do so is by embracing the world of comedy.

Comedy will help you feel more confident in your daily interactions while having a blast along the way. Storytelling has brought people together for millennia, and now is the time to start telling yours

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KT Speetzen
Mother Cluckers Comedy Creator & CEO

KT Speetzen is the CEO of Mother Cluckers Comedy, LLC and the founder of Chicago’s The Mother Cluckers Comedy troupe. KT’s passion for comedy began as a wee tyke by binging on SNL, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, Margaret Cho specials, and pretty much anything she could get her hands on. Beginning her comedy career at 16 in Los Angeles stand-up, KT continued her comedy education at Northwestern University where she performed with NSTV. KT continues to perform in the Chicagoland area with various comedy troupes, including her own: The Mother Cluckers.

In addition, KT earned her Masters in Education from DePaul University and has taught at both the middle school and university level. KT’s love of comedy was essential to connecting with her students and made the days a lot of fun. While teaching for the Chicago Public Schools KT earned her National Board Teaching Certificate, which designated her a Master Teacher, the highest teaching credential currently available for educators. KT is excited to meld these two fields with Cluck U(niversity).